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Savvy home buyers guide 2017

Looking to buy the home of your dreams? Follow these easy tips to ensure your dream is not a nightmare!

Top 6 Reasons to NOT buy a home : Debunked!

Think you can't afford a home, you may want to think again.

Entering the VDA Zone

Where is this invisible boundary and what does it mean?

How to work with a VA Loan ...gracefully

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of working with a VA loan to prepare yourself as a buyer or seller. 


Loan to Value Ratio Explained

Hear what has to say about LTV Ratios and how they can affect both buyers and sellers. Click to view the video

The Appraisal

Deal Killer or Equity builder? Learn how an appraisal can affect your next transaction.

The importance of a local lender

Top 4 reasons you should choose a local lender for your next real estate purchase in Hawaii

Condo Classes

Learn about the three main classes of condos in Hawaii and how they can affect your loan.

Leasehold Property

Learn the differences in leasehold property vs. fee-simple property. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Recommended Home Service Professionals on Kauai

Don't break the bank while fixing your house. Here are Kauai's top home service professionals.

Different ways to manage an investment property

If your looking to invest on Kauai here are four things you need to know about managing your property

How to purchase a home on Kauai

Learn the basics of escrow from start to finish with this 33 page downloadable home buyers guide


Closing Cost Calculator 

How much cash do you need to close escrow? If your selling whats your net?


How much is your home worth? 

Send me the property address and see if now is the right time to sell.