The West Side 


A golden sun sets into the west, painting the sky with warmth and radiance. Welcome to the west side where time stands still. As you walk through historic Waimea town a comforting nostalgia of old Hawaii fills the air. Today the west side of Kauai has become a popular destination for hikers and sightseers as it holds the entrance to the Waimea Canyon, once named the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by Mark Twain.

Discover the West side ...

Hanapepe Art Night

Historic Hanapepe also known as Kauai "biggest little town" is the art capital of Kauai. Every Friday night around 6:30 the sleepy town will come alive with live music and beautiful art on display.  

Visit Salt Pond Beach Park

Named for its traditional salt collecting beds Salt Pond Beach Park is the perfect retreat  to rewind after a long days Hike in the Canyon. Shallow pools of water create a protected swimming area for visitors to enjoy abundant marine life below. 

Waimea Canyon

Once named, " the grand canyon of the pacific" the Waimea Canyon is roughly 10 miles long and 3,000 feet deep. Traveling up the canyon toward Kokee State Park you will find hundreds of hiking trails to explore the unique terrain the canyon has to offer.